October 2, 2015
1 Year, 8 months and 22 days since
the event.

On Friday October 2nd, JPPS students will participate in our 2nd annual Fun Run.
Last year the Fun Run was a phenomenal success, raising over $20,000 for our school!  Please help us to make this year another success. This is a key fundraiser for our school and your support is critical.  We require these funds in order to continue to update our programs, resources, and facilities. All funds raised will be used where they are needed most.    
JPPS has always emphasized the importance of physical activity. Every “mile" we log on this run turn into funds raised.  If each student raises $100.00 or more, we will be well on our way towards our goal of $20,000.   We are counting on your support. All information can be found in your student kit, as well as at